How Compassion Matters works in your school

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Compassion Matters and how it can work in your schools or educational organisation. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via

How can Compassion Matters fit into my school’s timetable?

The majority of schools use Compassion Matters (CM) as part of their weekly PSHE, RE or personal development lessons. Used every week, the project offers two terms worth of materials covering topics of compassion, courage, wisdom and happiness. Other schools have used CM fortnightly or more intensively over a focus week.


What age group is Compassion Matters appropriate for?

Compassion Matters was developed with students between the ages of 9-11 years old and was designed to be used with students in late KS2 or early KS3 (9-14-year-olds). We are currently working to develop new learning resources for younger children.


Do teachers need any training to deliver CM?

Course materials have been designed in partnership with teachers and educational publishers to ensure they are child-centred, interactive and accessible for teachers and children. Our learning resources are intended to be used ‘out of the box’ and include guidance on how to deploy our lesson plans and other resources. The course is designed to be an exploratory journey for both teachers and students, so no previous experience of teaching ethics or social-emotional learning is required before beginning.

We can offer an hour-long introductory session for teachers or senior leaders in schools which is often a helpful first step to starting the project. To discuss scheduling this session please email us at


How does CM meet Ofsted/Department for Education guidelines and frameworks?

CM supports relationship and health education guidance from the Department for Education, including the categories of families, adults and people who care for me, caring friendships, respectful relationships, being safe and mental health. Further details can be found here.

CM also supports schools to meet the new Ofsted inspect framework (September 2019) specifically in the personal development, behaviours and attitudes. Further details can found here.


Is there any cost involved?

We are delighted to continue to provide our learning resources to schools for free but ask schools to consider making a charitable donation to our organisation to allow us to continue to develop new resources and reach more schools. A donation can be made via our Paypal page here.

Accessing our materials

To participate in our project we ask schools to register using the form below. Someone will then be in touch to share a sample of our resources and discuss how we can best support your schools or organisation.

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