4004 miles, many months, 2 birthdays…


In 2021-22, Compassion Matter’s Executive Director, Jimi Slattery, will cycle virtually from Oxford to Dharamsala to raise funds to support compassion education projects across the world. Jimi and supporters will start in October 2021 and finish in time for His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 87th birthday in July 2022. You can support the ride and our compassion education project by donating at our Givey page, on our website or by getting in touch at contact@compassion-matters.org. 

The Journey


You can follow our progress on the map below or via our challenge website. We will also be posting regular updates via the Compassion Matters social media channels.

How can I help?



You can donate via our Givey page, donating on our website or by getting in touch at contact@compassion-matters.org. 

 Our resources are free for all schools and educational groups, but it costs £65,000 per year to develop and deliver our educator-approved content, and to continue supporting schools and teachers to get compassion on the curriculum.

  • £5 gives one pupil the opportunity to experience the Compassion Matters course.
  • £50 helps train a teacher to deliver Compassion Matters to primary-aged children.
  • £150  allows one class to follow a year’s worth of Compassion Matters modules.
  • £500 helps towards our project to research, produce and disseminate a new, educator-approved module for children on coping with Suffering and Resilience in the aftermath of Covid.


Compassion Miles

Can you help by running, walking or cycling some of 4004 miles from Oxford to North India? Could you, your class or school take part in a section of our sponsored bike ride? We think, alongside our free learning resources, this is a fantastic opportunity to focus on compassion in your school or organisation.

All participating schools will be able to use our ‘Compassion Champions’ mark and will be eligible for our free learning resources for teachers and children. Find out more and add your miles to the challenge via our Challenge Page or by emailing us at jimi@compassion-matters.org. 

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