What is Compassion Matters?

Compassion Matters provides learning resources for educators to use with 10 to 14-year-olds covering the topics of Compassion, Courage, Happiness and Wisdom.  Each module includes an inspiring short film that tells the extraordinary story of an ordinary person. The themes within the film can be explored further using lesson plans, presentations, audio, worksheets and reading lists. Compassion Matters is free and web-based, ensuring that schools, educators and children can benefit regardless of location, experience or financial means.

Our resources are often used for the basis of assemblies and can be used in RE, RSE, PSHE, personal development, well-being and pastoral lessons. They can also be used in extra-curricular activities, after-school clubs and charitable education projects.

Compassion Matters projects are designed to support relationship and health education guidance from the Department for Education covering respectful relationships, being safe and mental health. You can download further information about this here. Compassion Matters also helps schools to meet the new Ofsted inspect framework published September 2019 specifically sections related to personal development, behaviours and attitudes. Further details can found here

Educator Resources

We are delighted to now offer resources to support teachers to adopt a compassionate approach to teaching. Our Introduction to Compassion Education video and Educator Compassion Toolkit are now available. We also provide bespoke training and CPD sessions for schools and other organisations. 

Compassion Matters is an education project from the Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion, registered charity no.1164491.