Become an advocate for Compassion Education by joining our Compassion Circle. You will become part of a team of individuals supporting Compassion Matters by committing a monthly donation.  Through Compassion Matters’ resources, pupils learn resilience, kindness and positive values, which have been proven to help them flourish. Many more children deserve to know and cultivate these tools and values in 2021 and beyond.

Our resources are free for all schools and educational groups. Still, it costs £70,000 per year to develop and deliver our educator-approved content, and to continue supporting schools and teachers to get compassion on the curriculum.

Join our Compassion Circle with a donation of £2,400 per year for 3 years. For higher-rate taxpayers using Gift Aid, this totals £200 per month – or £150 per month tax-efficiently: That’s one classroom provided with values education, every month of the year, for three years.

You can join our Compassion Circle by completing our online direct debit form, downloading and completing a donor form or setting up a standing order at your bank. Alternatively, you can make a one-off donation via our Givey page.


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