Compassion Campaign 2020 #letsmakecompassionmatter

Will you join us in our mission and support our new compassion campaign?

2021 has huge potential. The potential to be less isolating, less anxious and more compassionate for our children as they find their way out of the pandemic.

Over 6,400 children have now taken our Compassion Matters course and learnt resilience, kindness and positive values which have been proven to help them flourish – especially in an increasingly uncertain world. We want to give more children this chance by developing our free Compassion Matters resources and offering it to more UK schools.

  • £5 could give one pupil the opportunity to experience the Compassion Matters course
  • £50 helps train a teacher to deliver Compassion Matters’ for the rest of their career.
  • £150 could allow a class to follow a year’s-worth of Compassion Matters modules.
  • £500 would help towards our project to research, produce and disseminate new module resources on coping with Suffering and developing Resilience in the aftermath of Covid.

Compassion is key in our – and our children’s – recovery from Covid-19. 

Aisha* took Compassion Matters during 2020 and says, ‘I’m trying to act kinder than I was before.’ We believe that kinder future leaders will build better communities and a better world.

Please join us this December and invest in teaching compassionate values to our next generations.

With grateful thanks and best wishes,

Jimi Slattery

Executive Director
Compassion Matters
A compassion education project from the Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion

P.S. If you can donate to help us reach our target, gifts can be made tax-efficiently if you are a UK tax-payer. Please join our current donors and together, #letsmakecompassionmatter!
*Quotes have been anonymised

Compassion Matters is an education project from the Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion, registered charity no.1164491.